All roads to lead to metro stations from St.Thomas Mount

All roads to lead to metro stations
MRTS, Suburban Rail, MTC Buses To Be Integrated With First Metro Line, Which Will Open By Year-End

A commuter standing at the St Thomas Mount metro station at the end of this year will have a number of options to travel further into or out of the city. The station will be integrated with the suburban rail network, mass rapid transit system (MRTS) and local buses so that a passenger can move easily and seamlessly from one mode of transport to another.
Metro’s elevated stations at Koyambedu , C M B T (Chennai Mofussil Bus Terminus) and St Thomas Mount are set to change the localities and the way people commute. Double laned, circular roads for buses and skywalks for pedestrians will come up to help commuters access the stations.
The Koyambedu-St Thomas line, which will be the first metro line and will be opened by the end of this year, will link government and privat e bu s t e r m i nu s at Koyambedu with the suburban rail network and MRTS. These stations will be shopping hubs as well, if metro’s plan to make the most of the space works out.
Koyambedu’s chaos and confusion may also disappear with a number of infrastructure projects to decongest it planned. Two metro stations are being built within a one-km radius of the grade separator at Poonamallee High Road-Jawaharlal Nehru Road junction. The highways department has proposed a one-km flyover that will cross Jawaharlal Nehru Road-Kaliamman Koil Street Junction.
Hordes of people visit the area to buy fruit and vegetables from the wholesale market and to board long distance buses. “The congestion is caused by buses turning onto Kalliamman Koil Street. As they turn in to CMBT or the private stand, traffic piles up,” said M V Sridhar, who often uses the junction near Koyambedu.
While the proposed flyover is likely to reduce congestion at the junction, metro stations will cater to the demands of those coming off long-distance buses. “CMBT station will primarily be a dispersal point for those arriving from outside the city and wanting to travel to the centre,” said a Chennai Metro Rail official.
The Beach-Velachery-St Thomas Mount MRTS will converge with the Central-St Thomas Mount metro line in the same St Thomas Mount metro at different levels. Passengers will have to use a foot over bridge to reach the suburban railw ay s t at i o n . MTC buses will drive up two new circular roads to the front of the station to pick and drop passengers.
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