Great Dane

Breed Group: Working Weight: 54 kgs Height: 76 cms Color(s): brindle, black-masked fawn, blue, black, harlequin (white with irregular black patches) Coat: The Great Dane has a very short and thick coat, which should retain a glossy appearance. A relatively clean dog, this breed doesn't require much coat maintenance. Distinct feature: This is a very responsible and dependable breed, making him a great family pet. This breed should be extensively trained during puppyhood so they do not lean on people, especially children, or have any behavioral problems in the future. Temperament: His sheer size makes this breed very intimidating, however this dog is very gentle and loving. They can do well around other dogs, but should be socialized to prevent them becoming dog aggressive. The Great Dane is a very playful and loyal breed. Activity: The Great Dane should have a large sized yard and plenty of exercise room. A very large breed, he requires very long walks regularly. This breed proves to be a good jogging companion and does well running alongside a bike.
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The Great Dane is referred to as the Gentle Giant, Apollo of all breeds, Deutsche Dogge, German Mastiff, bulky behemoth, and happy hulk. The dogs can track, watch, and pull carts. The Irish Wolfhound is the only dog near its size, and it can battle bears and boars. Asian tribes invaded parts of Germany, Italy, and France, and the Mastiff dogs came with them. These mammoth mastiffs were crossbred with the native Irish Greyhounds to produce Great Danes. Generally, the breed beguiles folks with its massive size. Its large stature can be beguiling to its friendly disposition and lack of aggression toward strangers, other animals, wild dogs, and children. It's uncommon for a Great Dane to have dominance problems with dogs of the same breed and sex, and it shouldn't be outwardly aggressive toward anyone. The Great Dane, Pennsylvania's state dog and the world's tallest dog, has some average height and weight specs. Males average 30 to 34 inches in height. Females average 28 to 32 inches at the withers. The withers are the highest point on the animal's back. They weigh an impressive 120 to 200 pounds for males, and the females are a little lighter. They weigh 100 to 130 pounds. The short, shimmering, shiny coat comes in fawn, brindle, black, blue, mantle harlequin, and merle. In plain English, you'll see splotches, blotches, patches, streaks, flecks, and specks. Fancy words like brindle, mantle harlequin, and merle are just for the fanciers, really. Comb the massive coat with a firm bristle brush daily and keep it clean or else you'll be stuck outside washing its massive coat in the hot sun. It can take hours because it's such a hefty dog. The Great Dane loves people. It's friendly, not terrifying. Its stature shouldn't give bequeath unfair prejudices and stereotypes to it. They live 10 years or less. By the way, the tallest dog ever recorded was 42 inches high, and you'll often see Great Danes in paintings beside dwarfs. They're on currency in Ancient Greek metropolises too. They're quite peculiar to the Ancient people and modern people alike. Their great size and gentle spirit are puzzling to some. They suffer from health problems like bloat, hip dysplasia, DCM, congenital heart disease, staph infections, blindness, deafness, cancer, tail injuries, and digestive disorders. Feed them small meals, contrary to their appearance. They can die from over-eating, and it's called gastric torsion. A veterinarian should address any stomach illness signs or else the bloat can produce immediate death. The Great Dane has many uses. Foremost, it's an avid watchdog. Other than that, it's dignified, noble, and kind. It thrives on human interaction and connection. It won't bark or fight unless the situation clearly calls for those things. It's smart and knows when to get riled up. Great Danes are great family dogs, but their short lifespan are troubling.

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