Chennai Cinema Halls
Cinema is one of the most preferred means of entertainment in Chennai. The city even houses the Tamil film industry Kollywood, which is constantly churning out movies for the entertainment of the masses. The movies made here are mainly in Tamil language, the prime audience of which is people residing in Southern India. However, it certainly does not mean that they do not cater to cinema lovers understanding varied languages. Tamil films have made a mark in the world by appealing to both the Indian as well as international viewers. This has resulted in the development and expansion of the industry. As a result, more and more films are being made to lure more spectators. This has given rise to the construction of large number of multiplexes and cineplexes in Madras. The city is witnessing a wave of private cinema halls coming up in the city such as the Satyam Cineplex, PVR Cinemas etc. These movie theaters provide excellent quality, comfort and nice environment for the cine buffs. Besides, they also provide value added services, such as baby sitting, play areas for the kids, etc. You can also avail benefits of some of the attractive schemes introduced by them from time to time. Moreover, other option for enjoyment comprise of the various events held at the auditoriums, such as cultural programs, exhibition, etc. Some popular movie halls in Chennai are given below.
Abirami Complex
AVM Rajeswari
Devi Complex
Devi Bala
Ega, Anu Ega
Sangam, Rupam, Padmam
Sathyam Complex
Udhyam Complex
Rohini Movie Park
Theatres in Chennai
Abirami 26423377
Agasthiya 25956567
Albert 28535431
Annai Abhirami 26423377
Anna 28570219
Anand 28525011
Anu Ega 26411666
Avm Rajeswari 24801699
Baby Albert 28535431
Bala Abirami 26423377
Bharath 25951447
Broadway 25267761
Casino 28534530
Chandran 24892227
Crown 25213457
Devi 28555660
Devi Bala 28555660
Devi Kala 28555660
Devi Paradise 28555660
Ega 26411666
Grand 26212526
Kamadhenu 24991174
Kamala 24837000
Kasi 24891969
Krishna 25270658
Krishnaveni 24341828
Lakshmi 26441538
Liberty 24802926
Little Anand 28525011
Maharani 25951466
Mekala 26423066
Melody 28531371
Midland 28533153
Mini Udayam 24892227
Motcham 26423520
Motcham Mini 26423520
National 24801049
Padmam 26411975
Pandian 25954052
Prarthana Drive Inn 24491402
Ragini 26449409
Raj 24350374
Ram 24801038
Rohini 26449409
Roopam 26411975
Roopini 26449409
Rukmani 26449409
Sakthi Abhirami 26423377
Sangam 26411975
Santhi 28549086
Santham 28523813
Saraswathi 26427482
Sathyam 28523813
Shree 28523813
Sivasakthi 26445446
Sri Brinda 25376060
Star 28544440
Studio-5 28523813
Subam 28523813
Suriyan 24892227
Udhayam 24822227
Vani 25956752
Woodlands 28527355
Woodlands Symphony 28527355

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