Good Schools in Chennai
An effort to provide information on Good Schools in Chennai.Though there is a big list of good Schools of Chennai, tried to group them instead of ranking the schools. This list is purely based on my exposure to schools in Chennai my discussions with several parents whose kids are studying in these schools.Am I doing the right thing for my KID???Hmmmm....Every individual wants to be successful but we do not know to quantitatively measure the success of our journey. Most importantly, we want to be successful as a Parent and this success is measured only when our son/daughter has made a name in the society and contributing to the community that we live in. To do this we want our children to be the best in what they do and there are lot of questions that keep haunting us as parents.Have we put them in the good school, though it may not be the best school??? Is my son/daugther getting the better education than what I have got?? Is the School really focussed on overall development? Why is the other kid able to articulate the things better and why not my kid. Is he/she studying well? Is my kid a sports / Arts / Academic oriented and does the school match with what my kid's potential is??I am sure lot of parents echo my thoughts....====================================================================================and I believe the answer lies with us. If there are great people in and around us then it is truly because of their parents, though there are exceptions, it is mostly true. The people have become great truly because of their Parents aspirations, hard work, focus, sacrifices in creating the environment for the Kids to thrive. When I have spoken to few of those parents in terms what they have done to create this highly talented individuals. This is the list that I could gather. I will elaborate my thoughts on each of these points later...1. Identifying the right skill and potential in the kid 2. Identify what interests the child. 3. Get your aspirations in line with what the Kids interest is.4. Understand what needs to be provided to the kid to thrive on his interest.5. Providing the right environment at home, school and the places that we visit regularly to inspire them to pursue their interest.6. Providing the tools for them to nurture their talent. 7. Giving the quality time and feedback for them to improve. 8. Providing the freedom for them to express their point of views.Chettinad Vidyashram school combines the virtues of a temple of art/culture. It is a dedicated educational institution that blends discipline with freedom. The school is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi.Aim/GoalsThe school strives to tie up with the past in art, tradition and culture in all its purity and variety. The school aims to lead the younger generation into the future through methodical dissemination of scientific knowledge.The school seeks :(a) To develop in its students, an intellectual curiosity, an eagerness for continued learning and ability to use their knowledge for creative purposes.(b) To help the students to discover their potential and channelise them to form an integrated personality.(c) To mould children of character convinced of moral principles and courageous in action. In addition to the instruction of the three 'R's the school is concerned with three 'C's of real education-culture, creativity and comradeship. The school is desirous of developing a new technique in education, a method of drawing out the latent talents of the child through environmental study, creative activity, love, beauty and happiness in the school and through the utmost co-operation of teachers and parents.AlumniThe Alumni Club was inaugurated in 2000. It has taken off in a promising way with about 157 alumni joining the association.AdmissionAdmission to all classes are given only on merit basis. An entrance test is conducted in English, Maths and II Language for all students seeking admission. The meritorious ones are admitted.Website : I - DAV, GopalapuramBackgroundWeekly magazine Outlook rates DAV, Gopalapuram the best school in Tamil Nadu. Rated the best scool in chennai by AC Neilson survey......and 3rd best in TAMIL NADU....courtesy-SunTVEstablished in 1970 by The Arya Samaj (Central) Chennai, D.A.V. Senior Secondary School, Gopalapuram, is managed by the Tamil Nadu Arya Samaj Educational Societies. The school is one among its seven branches in the city. Public examination results have always been good at D.A.V. In the last 11 years, as many as 232 of its students have joined the Indian Institute of Technology.ADMISSIONThe School authorities believe in the composition of classes that can efficiently managed with individual attention effictively given. The minimum age limit for admission to class not less than 3 1/2 years and not more than 4 1/2 years as on June 2005. ( to be changed ). Admissions to the L.K.G. class are based on the computerised results.FEE STRUCTUREClass Tuition Fee (for Three Months) Special Fee (for three months)LKG & UKG Rs. 1135 Rs. 500I to V Rs. 1225 Rs. 575VI to VIII Rs. 1340 Rs. 650IX & X Rs. 1440 Rs. 800XI & XII Rs.1600 Rs. 925DURATION OF COURSE AND SCHEME OF STUDIESThe School has the scheme of general studies upto class X, all subjects being compulsory. The scheme of elective subjects is introduced from class XI. The subects for studies upto class X are English, Hindi/ Tamil/ Sanskrit (Sanskrit upto class X subject to sufficient number of opting for the language), Science, Mathematics and Social Science. The subjects for internal assessment for class IX and X are Art Education, Work Experience, Physical and Health Education,Art, Work Experience, Moral Education and Music are taught in primary and middle school classes.The medium of instruction in all classes is English for non-language subjects.CO-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIESPhysical Education, Work Experience, Drawing, Painting, Music , Tailoring , Needle Works and Moral Education form an integral part of the school curriculum. In addition , to give ample opportunities to the children to develop leadership qualities and grow into balanced personalities, the prefatorily and the House systems have been a permanent feature. Under the House activities, competitions like debate, quiz, eassy wirting , short-story, writing, declamation, Music, painting, dance etc. are conducted. Inter- house games and athletics form an integral part of the co-curricular activities. Club activities and hobbies are encouraged and conducted regularly. NCC, Scouts and Guides form an important part of the co-curricular activities. The students are encouraged and provided with opportunity to participate in Inter-School Competitions also.Website Address : - I, PADMA SESHADRI BALA BHAVAN SENIOR SECONDARY SCHOOLPadma Seshadree Bala Bhavan (PSBB) is ranked as one of the best in the country with about 7,000 students. Three-and-a-half decades since the school was founded, PSBB school has been recognised as a centre of academic excellence.It has two branches.The school at Nungambakkam is known as the Main School, with an annexe at Thirumalai Road, which has more than 2,500 students.The branch school at K K Nagar is housed in a sprawling 5-acre campus and boasts of 4,500 students on its rolls. PSBB is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), New Delhi.Nearly 40% of the students gain entry into the IITs (Indian Institutes of Technologies) and another 20% into other premier institutes besides many who are pursuing higher education or occupying influential positions abroad.The focus is more on the learning process than on information or inert content. Continuous assessment, through year long cycle tests, is yet another unique feature of the Junior Curriculum.HistoryPadma Seshadri Bala Bhavan Senior Secondary School (PSBB) was founded in 1958 by a group of enterprising house wives. The school was started in a thatched shed, with 13 students and a staff of three. The school was christened Padma Seshadri Bala Bhavan in honor of the deceased wife of a lawyer who helped in the cause.In 1959, within a year of its beginning, it moved to its present location in Lake Area, Nungambakkam. The residents of Nungambakkam realised the potential of the school and the student enrolment shot up. The first batch of students to take the Class X Board exams were in 1967-68.CurriculumSecondary Department -Upto class X1. English2. Language - Hindi / Tamil /Sanskrit3. Mathematics 4. a. Physics b. Chemistry c. Life Science5. a. History and Civics / Economics b. Geography6. Health and Physical Education7. Art Education8. Work ExperienceJunior College Department (+2 Course)1. Core course : English2. Group A : Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology / Computer Science / ...................Sanskrit Core.Group B : Mathematics / Sanskrit Core, Physics, Chemistry, Biology. Group C : Mathematics / Sanskrit Core, Economics, Business Studies, ...................Accountancy.3. General Studies and Value Education4. Work Experience5. Physical and Health EducationContactPSBB Schools11 and 12, Thirumalai Road, T Nagar Chennai - 600 017 11, Alagirisami Salai, K K Nagar Chennai - 600 078 E-mail: II - Sishya School, AdayarHISTORYSishya is a premier institution providing quality education in Chennai. Founded by K I Thomas, it began as a nursery-cum-preparatory school in January 1972.In 1974, the council for Indian School Certificate Examination, granted the school affiliation, thereby enabling it to present its first batch of students for the ICSE examination the following year. In 1986, the second part of ICSE was added.The KIT Thomas Educational Society, an irrevocable Trust now owns and controls the management of the school.In 1975, the school was shifted to a five acre premises in Ramalayam Annexe.A new block constructed in 1984, now houses the Senior School and the Laboratories. In 1989, the Junior School cum auditorium block was constructed.In 1991, the pre-school complex for classes LKG, UKG and Std I was inaugurated. These cottages built in a novel architectural style are set in sylvan surroundings with a kiddies playground. It has been named the Grace Cherian Memorial ITC Pre-school block. In 1994 the playground was completely re-laid and resurfaced and converted to facilitate athletics and games even in the rainy season.In 1998 the Thangam Thomas Memorial building was inaugurated. It houses a state of the art library and Art Department, classrooms for the stds XI and XII, an additional staff room and an audio-visual room. The school has been continuously upgrading and introducing new facilities without significantly increasing student strength.Sishya has always sought to achieve total development of each pupil, with emphasis on learning and co-curricular activities. In order to ensure that each child receives his fair share of individual attention, the enrolment in each class is limited to 35.The quality of education imparted is indicated by the achievements of former students of Sishya many of whom have already excelled themselves in many fields.AdmissionThe child must be 3 years old on December 31st of the year prior to that for which admission is sought for.Parents may register for admission in advance. It is advisable to do so as soon as the child is born, in view of the small numbers admitted. Children and parents meet the admission committee in October.Admission forms for the XI class (+one) are available in April. Subject groups available are given in the curriculum section. First priority is given to Sishya school students. Students from other schools may be admitted depending on vacancy and performance.Admissions are done in May and the term commences in June for class XI.Admission for other classes depend on vacancy and are done from January to May if seats are available.Foreign students for the senior classes (IX and above) should contact the school well in advance regarding eligibility and other criteria and to complete necessary formalities.Fees at present are as follows. Additional charges for games, library, computer studies, school magazine, art exist. These fees may be increased without notice from time to time.Fees would be approx. between 10 - 15 thousands...CurriculumThe school is affiliated to the Indian Council for Secondary Education. Students appear for the Board Examinations for the X (ICSE) and XII (ICSE) annually in March. The latter has been recognised as equivalent to the A levels in UK from 1998. The school year commences in January and consists of three terms viz. January - April, June - September, September - December. Second languages offered are Tamil and Hindi. Foreign students may take their own language if permitted by the Council. Arrangements for this must be done on their own. Plus Two Groups :Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Biology, Computer Science. Choose any four ; English compulsory.Economics, Accounts, Commerce, Business Maths, Computer Science, Arts. Choose any four ; English compulsory. SUPW - classes for 11 and 12 cooking, handicrafts, visits to old age home and school for handicapped.Tier II - Sri Sankara Senior Secondary SchoolHISTORYThe Oriental Cultural Education Society, a subsidiary unit of the Vyasa Bharata Kaladi Sadas Samajam, founded Sri Sankara Senior Secondary School in 1970 This is a registered body founded by His Holiness Jagadguru Sri Sankaracharya of Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam. At the instance and the blessings of His Holiness, some of the enlightened citizens of Chennai registered the Indian Educational Society in 1971.The primary aim of this institution was to start a good educational institution to impart education to children on national lines and in consonance with the time spirit, synthesising the feature of the ancient systems with the progressive trends of modern times.Recognising the impressive objectives of the Indian Educational Society and its fruitful functioning, His Holiness arranged the transfer of Sri Sankara School to the management of the Indian Educational Society. Sri Sankara School has grown into a Senior Secondary School and it owns a spacious campus in Adyar.It is a co-educational institution and has been affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi.The school has been producing cent percent result in the board examinations consecutively for the past nineteen years.The unique feature of Sri Sankara School is that it symbolises the ideals of education expressed in and through moral and spiritual values, discipline and character, appreciation of their cultural heritage and cultivation of genuine devotion to God, respect to Guru, Parents and Elders.Sanskrit, the repository of School's culture is given a special status in this school. As a pioneering institution it helps in the propagation of Sanskrit and conducts special sloka classes for the children.AdmissionAdmission is made on the basis of merit. An entrance test is conducted and qualifying students will be admitted into the classes for which they are found fit. They are required to produce the birth certificates or any proof of age of the student at the time of admission.The admission forms would be available by the end of January.For admissions to LKG, a child should have completed 3 years as on June 2001.Interviews would be conducted in the month of March and there would be an entrance test for classes I to XII.The registration form can be obtained form the school on payment of Rs 150/-CurriculumScheme of StudiesMedium of Instruction - EnglishLKG - English, number work and gamesUKG - English, number work, art, games andenvironmental scienceI and II Stds.1. English2.Hindi or TamilII, IV and V Stds. 1.English2.Sanskrit3.Hindi or TamilVI, VII, VIII Stds. 1.English2.Hindi (Lower Hindi or Higher Hindi)3.Sanskrit or TamilIX and X Stds.1.English2.Hindi or Sanskrit or TamilOther subjects offered are as follows:Mathematics, science, social studies, work experience, health and physical education and value education, according to the scheme of Central Board of Secondary Education, New DelhiArts: drawing, painting, music, dance and drama co-curricular activities: public activities, literary activities, cubs and bulbuls, scout and guide.Work experience: electrical gadgets, their servicing and maintenance, sewing and needlework.Club activities: Club activities form a part of the curriculum from VI std onwards.Computer awareness: To promote computer education and training, their school offers computer awareness courses as part of their education from class IV onwards.Tier II - St. John's International Residential SchoolHistorySt. John's School under the stewardship of its founder Rt. Rev. Dr. G. RAJAKUMAR came into existence barely 33 years ago in the city of Chennai (then Madras) in the locality of Mylapore (Mandavelli) known for the intellectual crowd. The School which had started with 45 students in the year 1968 has now grown into St. John's Group of Schools with more than 10,000 students and 500 academic faculty and more then 1000 non-teaching staff.This School, the proud offshoot of St. John's Group was dedicated to the nation in July 1993 in commemoration of the Silver Jubilee Year of St. John's banner. The school, which started functioning since July 1993, has now grown in all spheres of educational endeavour and today it stands as a prominent landmark in the educational map of India.Today it has students from all the States of India and also from all over the world - like Srilanka, Maldives, Bangladesh, Ghana, Gulf Countries, Canada, Singapore, Malaysia, Mauritius, Angola, Indonesia, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Korea, United Arab Emirates, Bhutan and Nepal.LocationSt. John's International Residential School is located on the outskirts of Chennai, one of the oldest and most modest metropolitan cities of India. Located in tranquil surrounding and spread over an area of 24 acres the campus is accessible by all modes of transport from any part of the country. The Campus is right on the CHENNAI - BANGALORE NATIONAL HIGHWAY No. 4, Via. Poonamallee at St. John's Nagar, Palanjur Village, ( Opp. to Queens Land Amusement Park ) on the bank of Chemparambakkam lake. It is only 60 minutes drive away from the Central Railway Station and Domestic & International Terminals of the CHENNAI AIRPORT.CurriculumThe School is affiliated to CBSE.AdmissionsParents / Guardians seeking admission for their ward(s) should obtain the Application Form and Prospectus for Registration against payment of Rs. 250 by Cash at the School Office. They can also be obtained by post sending Rs. 300/- (Inland), Rs.500 (Air Mail) by M.O/DD drawn in favour of "Saint John's Educational Trust, Chennai." The set of Application & Prospectus are issued and are available only at the School Administration OfficeST. JOHN'S INTERNATIONAL RESIDENTIAL SCHOOLSt. John's Nagar, Palanjur Village, Nazarathpet Post, Near Poonamallee, Chennai - 602 103. South India.Tel: 044 - 26810795, 26811795, 26811403, 26811404, 26811546, 26811547Fax: 044 - 26811794 E.Mail: ,, registrar@sjirsindia.comWebsite: Also at, Application Form will be registered with the Registration Fee of Rs.5,000/- by Cash or DD drawn in favour of "Saint John's Educational Trust, payable at Chennai.with other documents / enclosures as detailed under the heading registration for admission under section 5 of the prospectus. The set of documents should reach the School Office at the above address within 20 days from the date of receiving the application. (Application submitted beyond the stipulated date will remain invalid and a fresh application should be taken for registration).Website II - The School - Krishnamurti Foundation India (KFI)The School, ChennaiNamed simply ‘The School' by Krishnamurti, this institution is now 25 years old. It is situated in Adyar, on the grounds of the Theosophical Society. Its setting, with many old trees, a young banyan tree, a pond, an old building, and open spaces, is simple and beautiful.The school has about 350 students and about 35 teachers. It admits children in the kindergarten after the age of three-and-a-half years. The kindergarten school day is from 8.20 a.m. to 12 noon. The junior school comprising the Classes I to IV functions in the mixed-age group mode, and offers an opportunity for students to learn in an atmosphere of minimum peer compulsions. The junior school day extends from 8.20 a.m. to 2.45 p.m., and includes a variety of activities and learning opportunities. The middle school, comprising Classes V to VIII, focuses on experiential learning.The middle school day is from 8.20 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. Students are exposed to social studies and sciences in addition to language and mathematics. These are years when students start visiting the school farm situated in Kilapakkam village near Thirukazikundram, and spend from two days to a week, living together and sharing work such as cooking and cleaning.Environmental studies is taught as an additional subject in Class VII.The senior Classes, IX and X, prepare the students for the ICSE syllabus. It requires students to do projects in every subject. A special programme for Class XI distinguishes our senior secondary classes. Apart from a wide choice of traditional subjects, music, art and environmental sciences are available for students. Student entry into Class XI is subject to rigorous interview and test. The school offers special educational opportunities for select students after school on an individual and special basis.Address:The Principal, The School-KFI, Damodar Gardens, Besant Avenue, Adyar, Chennai – 600 020, India. Tel: (044) 24915845. e-mail : is an written test and Interview conducuted for the Parents to understand whether their Philosophy fits to KFI environment.It is definitely a good school but if your expectations need to match with what they provide. What I understand from other parents is that, the change will be visible over a period of time and you as a parent need to have patience and right understanding of the teaching methods.TOP CBSE Schools in ChennaiIn Chennai the education is given higher importance and the CBSE results from Chennai always speak of the prominance. It has always been a difficult judgement for me to choose Matriculation or CBSE. But if you are clear about it, then below are some of the top Schools focussed on CBSE in Chennai. Please let me know if I have missed any good School and I will do the preliminary analysis and add to this list.==========================================BEST SCHOOLS - CBSE - Chennai==========================================SBOA Higher Secondary School(State Bank of India Officer's Association), AnnaNagar - There are three schools in Chennai, one in Annanagar is affiliated to CBSE and the other two are affiliated to Tamilnadu State Board.Don Bosco Matriculation School, Egmore - Senior Secondary School, Liyods Road, Gopalapuram -Padma Seshadri Bala Bhavan School, PSBB Schools, Nungambakkam, T Nagar, KK NagarChettinad Vidyashram, RA Puram - Hindu Senior Secondary School, Triplicane, Chennai - John's English School, Besant NagarSt. John's International Residential School, MandaveliGood Shepherd Convent, NungambakkamSri Sankara Senior Secondary School, AdayarTier II - Vidya Mandir Senior Secondary SchoolHISTORY:Vidya Mandir was founded on 3rd February, 1956 by the Mylapore Ladies Club members, headed by their President, Subbalakshmi Ammal, a renowned social worker. Subbaraya Aiyar a leading advocate and philanthropist, enabled the school to reach greater heights. Padmini Chari, the first correspondent, put in her efforts to build a very strong foundation for the school. Motto Saha Viryam Karavavahai, in Sanskrit means, "Let us together perform great acts that require strength". It also means that there is strength in togetherness. Vision Vidya Mandir has a vision to help create individuals who can contribute to positive changes in their environment and lives. In this ever changing and fast-paced World,TEACHINGhave a set of core values.have the confidence to face the worldbelieve in one's own ability and to achieve the maximum of one's talent.ManagementThe school is managed by a managing committee and an executive committee which closely monitors the activities and progress of the school. The managing committee is headed by Viji Santhanam. Educational StreamVidya Mandir is affiliated to the CBSE. The students appear for the regular AISSE (Std X) and the AISSCE (Std XII).The school offers Maths, Physics, Chemistry with Biology or Computer science in the Science stream in the +2 stage and Business Studies, Accountancy and Economics with Maths or Sociology in the Commerce stream.School ToppersIn the 2000 CBSE exams Mahesh Kumar topped with 477/500 in class 12 and Aparna Sundar topped with 482/500 in class 10.Admissions and Fee StructureAdmissions to the LKG take place in January . Vacancies in the other classes are filled in April - May on the basis of performance in the entrance tests.Fee structure is available on demand.Best anglo indian schools in Chennai

Some of the cities best schools are Anglo Indian Schools.
Most of them have been in existence for a long time and some of them have become synonymous with the city itself.
Best anglo indian schools in Chennai follow different boards of education depending on their management’s decision.
Don Bosco Matriculation School27 Ethiraj Kovil StreetKodungaiyur, Chennai 600118Phone: (44) 25377720
Hogly Trinnity School58 Ramaswamy StreetParrys , Chennai 600001Phone: (44) 25225048
List of anglo india schools in Chennai
I D P L Matric Hr Sec SchoolI D P L TownshipManapakkam, Chennai 600089Phone: (44) 22345534
E.T.P.S. Matriculation SchoolETS ColonyEnnore, Chennai 600057Phone: (44) 25750301
Gayathri Matriculation SchoolNew # 579 3rd StreetNandanam, Chennai 600035Phone: (44) 24320099
Hari Shree Vidyalaya - Chennai school162 School RoadR.A. Puram, Chennai 600028Phone: (44) 55515000
St Bede's Higher Secondary School37 Santhome High RoadMylapore, Chennai 600004Phone: (44) 24985044
CSI RajaGopal High School34-E Kalmandapam RoadRoyapuram, Chennai 600013Phone: (44) 25956122
Daniel Matriculation SchoolKandasamy Nagar ExtensionPoonamallee, Chennai 600056Phone: (44) 26493609
Deovton Matric School - Chennai school

12-A1 Ritherdern RoadVepery, Chennai 600007Phone: (44) 25325619

List of Matriculation Schools In Chennai
St Bede's Higher Secondary School37 Santhome High RoadMylapore, Chennai 600004Phone: (44) 24985044
CSI RajaGopal High School34-E Kalmandapam RoadRoyapuram, Chennai 600013Phone: (44) 25956122
Daniel Matriculation SchoolKandasamy Nagar ExtensionPoonamallee, Chennai 600056Phone: (44) 26493609

Deovton Matric School - Chennai Matriculation School
12-A1 Ritherdern RoadVepery, Chennai 600007Phone: (44) 25325619
Best Matriculation Schools in Chennai, The matriculation board of education is also very common and popular in Chennai.
Some of Best Matriculation Schools in Chennai schools are doing exceptionally well.
The standard of the syllabus is high with a good amount of emphasis given on extracurricular activities.

Chennai Matriculation School
Don Bosco Matriculation School27 Ethiraj Kovil StreetKodungaiyur, Chennai 600118Phone: (44) 25377720
Hogly Trinnity School - Chennai Matriculation School
58 Ramaswamy StreetParrys , Chennai 600001Phone: (44) 25225048
I D P L Matric Hr Sec SchoolI D P L TownshipManapakkam, Chennai 600089Phone: (44) 22345534
E.T.P.S. Matriculation SchoolETS ColonyEnnore, Chennai 600057Phone: (44) 25750301
Gayathri Matriculation SchoolNew # 579 3rd StreetNandanam, Chennai 600035Phone: (44) 24320099

Hari Shree Vidyalaya162 School RoadR.A. Puram, Chennai 600028Phone: (44) 55515000

Best ICSE Schools in Chennai
St Bede's Higher Secondary School37 Santhome High RoadMylapore, Chennai 600004Phone: (44) 24985044
CSI RajaGopal High School34-E Kalmandapam RoadRoyapuram, Chennai 600013Phone: (44) 25956122
Daniel Matriculation SchoolKandasamy Nagar ExtensionPoonamallee, Chennai 600056Phone: (44) 26493609
Deovton Matric School

12-A1 Ritherdern RoadVepery, Chennai 600007Phone: (44) 25325619
Best ICSE Schools in Chennai, There are quite a number of schools following the ICSE form of examination board.
This syllabus is also popular outside Chennai, Good ICSE School Chennai, and hence parents with transferable jobs opt to put their wards in these schools.
Good ICSE School Chennai - There very famous schools of this kind in Chennai.
List of ICSE School in Chennai
Don Bosco Matriculation School27 Ethiraj Kovil StreetKodungaiyur, Chennai 600118Phone: (44) 25377720
Hogly Trinnity School - Good ICSE School Chennai58 Ramaswamy StreetParrys , Chennai 600001Phone: (44) 25225048
I D P L Matric Hr Sec SchoolI D P L TownshipManapakkam, Chennai 600089Phone: (44) 22345534
E.T.P.S. Matriculation SchoolETS ColonyEnnore, Chennai 600057Phone: (44) 25750301
Gayathri Matriculation SchoolNew # 579 3rd StreetNandanam, Chennai 600035Phone: (44) 24320099
Hari Shree Vidyalaya162 School Road
R.A. Puram, Chennai 600028Phone: (44) 55515000
CBSE School Chennai

St Bede's Higher Secondary School37 Santhome High RoadMylapore, Chennai 600004Phone: (44) 24985044
CSI RajaGopal High School34-E Kalmandapam RoadRoyapuram, Chennai 600013Phone: (44) 25956122
Daniel Matriculation SchoolKandasamy Nagar ExtensionPoonamallee, Chennai 600056Phone: (44) 26493609
Deovton Matric School - CBSE School Chennai12-A1 Ritherdern RoadVepery, Chennai 600007Phone: (44) 25325619
Indian Railways Airlines Contact DtlsSTD Codes Call Taxi
Chennai’s music schools
Good Schools in ChennaiKNOW CHENNAI-General ..Chennai Discotheques ..Chennai Water Sports ..Chennai Cinema Halls- History .. Chennai Shopping Malls ..Chennai Entertainment ..Chennai Excursions ..Pulicat- Dos & Don'ts ..Amusement Parks ..Crocodile Bank ..Mahabalipuram ..Muttukadu- Important Facts ..Thanjavur- Must Know- Weather/Climate - Things To Do - Embassies- Tourist Offices - Airports- Bus Stations - Central Railway Station - Egmore Railway StationKNOW CHENNAI BY PLACESWest Chennai- Ambattur - Anna Nagar - Ayanavaram - Kilpauk - Porur - VadapalaniNorth Chennai
- Ennore - Perambur - Pozhal - Purasavakkam - Tiruvottiyur - TondiarpetSouth Chennai- Adyar - KK Nagar - Kotturpuram - Meenambakkam - Mylapore - Saidapet - Tambaram- Teynampet - Thyagaraya Nagar - Tiruvanmiyur - VelacheryCentral Chennai- Egmore - George Town - Nungambakkam - Royapettah - Triplicane Around Chennai - Kanchipuram - Tiruvallur Others ..Chennai Monuments.. Airport ..Bus Station .. Freemasons Hall .. Central Railway Station ..Fort St. George.. Egmore Railway Station ..Kamaraj Memorial House
..Chennai Beaches ..MGR Memorial
..Marina Beach ..Senate House
..Elliot's Beach ..Thousand Lights Mosque
..Covelong Beach ..War Memorials ..Government Museum..Valluvar Kottam


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■ Suggest the products or
services you offer
■ Distinguish you from your
Many people opt for partnerships
with their friends or relatives for
doing business, because they
feel very comfortable dealing with
people they have known for a long
time. But before you do, create
a Partnership Agreement which
should include the following:
■ Amount of equity invested by
each partner
■ Type of business
■ How profit and loss will be
■ Each partner’s pay and
■ Distribution of assets on
■ Provisions for changes or
dissolving the partnership
■ Dispute settlement clause
■ Settlement in case of death or
■ Restrictions of authority
and expenditures
Financing A new business
Money can be raised either by
borrowing it from a friend, family
member, bank or selling ownership
interests (equity) in your business.
There’s no hard and fast rule on
the best way to raise money; you’ll
have to evaluate your situation
and decide what kind of loan or
investment you’re willing to take.
If you are going beyond family
and friends for loans or equity
investments, you’ll definitely need
a business plan.
If you take a loan, you will
have to repay the money over
time (usually monthly), with
interest. The lender won’t receive
an ownership interest in your
business, and you won’t have to
share any of your future profits
with the lender. On the other hand,
if you raise money by selling equity
(ownership interests), you will
not have to make these monthly
payments or repay the investment
at any particular date. L e g a l
All about you
The business of
doing business
your business is profitable, you’ll
need to share the profits with your
investors, generally in proportion
to the percentage of the business
they own.
Licences and permits
Business licences and permits
can range from the general (a
basic trade licence to operate
a business within a city), to the
specific (a permit to sell alcohol/
firearms/food items). Bear in mind
that regulations vary by industry.
Investigate into the licensing
and permit requirements that
affect your industry, and avoid
any temptation to ignore these
important regulatory details.
Being out of licensing and permit
compliance could leave you
unprotected legally, which may
lead to expensive penalties, and
can jeopardise your business.
Location of workplace
There is no universal rule for
choosing a business location.
The biggest consideration is
sometimes not where it is but
what it is. The building facilities
need to be appropriate for your
business whether you are working
from home, a business centre or
a rented space. Or you could take
up space in a market with similar
businesses or consumer groups.
Entering into agreements
Be mindful of employment
contracts as these take different
forms. All employees at a
company may be asked to sign
the same form of contract, or
each employee may have a
contract with the employer that
is exclusively applicable to his
or her employment agreement.
It mentions the kind of work the
employee will do, for how long,
and at what rate of pay. Please
consult an attorney who can
advise you about Confidentiality
and Non-Competition Agreements,
and clauses pertaining to
ownership of inventions, exclusive
employment, termination,
minimum wages, bonus,
arbitration and jurisdiction.
In almost all business dealings,
every time you or your company
agrees to take some action or
make a payment in exchange
for anything of value, a legal
contract is created. Make sure
that you and the other party
agree on the meaning of any
potentially ambiguous words or
phrases. Even a misplaced (or
unnoticed) punctuation mark can
dramatically change the scope of
your rights and obligations under a
contract. Watch out for commonly
misused words. When you agree to
bimonthly payments, for instance,
do you understand that you will be
paid every other month? Or do you
expect to be paid twice a month?
Some business agreements may
be simple enough for the regular
person to draft, while others may
require the help of a lawyer.
If your advertisement is deceptive,
you’ll face legal problems even
if you had the best intentions
while framing it. In addition, if
your advertisement contains a
false statement, you have already
violated the law. The fact that you
didn’t know ‘the information was
false’ is irrelevant. Advertisements
should conform to laws and
should not go against morality,
decency and the religious
susceptibilities of people.
Business Advisors
Finally, the key to success for any
entrepreneur is to have the best
set of advisors, not necessarily
the most expensive but the
ones you can trust totally. These
may includes lawyers, chartered
accountants, insurance advisors,
and bankers among others.

Decide on the meaing of potentially
ambiguous phrases. Even a misplaced
punctuat ion mark can change the
scope of your rights and obligations..